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"Our goal is to help people be better, not be best"

Find motivated sellers in your market today! 

One stop shop for all of your marketing needs!.

Targeted marketing lists perfect
for investors, brokers, wholesalers, and flippers

Find the Best Motivated Sellers

We target the best off market properties in your market by combining over 100 data elements in our predictive analytics engine. It’s like list stacking on steroids all done for you. Increase your ROI and reduce your marketing budget. Each client receives a fully customized solution based on their business, local market, and marketing strategy.

Fully customized to meet your goals

We build relationships with our clients to understand their goals and develop a fully customized marketing strategy. Whether you’re new or experienced, our marketing lists are perfect for anyone targeting off marketing properties. Elite Lead Source eliminates all of the guesswork of what’s working in your market and allows you to focus on getting deals done. We focus on simplicity, no more waste from list stacking or using clunky websites. We do all of the work behind the scenes and provide our clients with a list ready for marketing.

Increase Your ROI

Marketing is no longer a numbers game. Increasing efficiency by targeting the best leads is the key to increasing ROI. We apply our comprehensive industry knowledge to identify the best leads. No need to buy individual lists or subscribe to several different websites. No more dealing with spreadsheets, using clunky websites, or spending time on VA’s. Elite Lead Source is the one stop shop allowing you to do more deals while spending less time and money.

Get Started With Elite Leads!

We have over fifteen years of experience specializing in motivated seller marketing.

Get started today for a low monthly fee with no sign up fees or commitments. For less than the cost of your current lead list sources, you can simplify your process and scale your business. Elite Lead Source is perfect for anyone looking for rental leads, listing leads, distressed properties, or multi-family investing.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I built my business cold calling expired listings, FSBO’s, and circle prospecting. Elite Lead Source has allowed me to explode my business with a fraction of the marketing effort. In the 3 years I’ve been working with Elite Lead Source I went from 20 listings a year to over 200.
eXp Realty
My wholesaling mentor taught me more marketing is the key to this business. Not only did my spending increase but so did the amount of leads that required follow up for sellers who weren’t very motivated. Elite Lead Source has been a game changer for our business. Not only did we reduce our marketing budget, but we’ve also increased our conversions by dealing only with motivated sellers.
Crown House Buyers
I used to buy most of my flips from REO properties or wholesalers. I always wondered how people found off market deals but I didn't have the time. Elite Lead Source made everything so simple that now I'm able to find my own deals.
East Castle Properties

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Follow us on social media or request a demo to learn more about how Elite Lead Source can help grow your business. All Elite Lead Source clients are invited to join our collaborative social media groups.