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"Our goal is to help people be better, not be best"


When the truth becomes to hard

I’m lost. In a world that is begging for the truth and demands it from every business, boss, leader, media outlet and Politician. I find it almost impossible to believe that the people asking actually want it. Why? Because the truth has become a difficult topic. Not the media’s version of it but just everyday words. We have led ourselves so far up the do gooder path that we now lie at every opportunity to save face. To avoid conflict and/or side step ever offending someone. I get it. I really do. From someone on the opposite end of the spectrum who says what he thinks first and worries not about the long term consequences, I can see why my way isn’t the right way either.

So how do we move forward? “Yes” has become the new “no” and we are suffering as a society because of it. You will never know who actually likes the color of your new hair do. Who agrees with your idea at the company you work. Who thinks your start up is going to be as successful as you do and worth risking all your savings on.

Terrifying that you once could trust all these hard truths to guide some of your decisions in life and steer you away from the sporadic choices people are prone to make foolishly from time to time. Friends, family and colleagues at least used to be a safe sounding board for your thoughts. But these days you cannot trust them, as they fear a “no” could upset you and are more worried about the repercussion’s of that then the damage that the lie could do to you.

Our health and wellness is in a battle on so many fronts, that it is not hard to imagine why our mental states are so fragile at the moment. We wake to social media telling us we are not good enough and pills and creams are the answer. The news keeps us in a state of constant panic with diseases, imminent wars, financial crisis’s and global warming. The drive to work see’s 10000 cars with 10000 occupants on roads built to handle 1000, from a time when car pooling was fun and work mates enjoyed the company, let alone the benefit to the environment. The 2km walk to work will have you pass 27 fast food outlets all tugging at your sugar coated heart strings. But at least when you get to work with your size 10 pants on your size 12 butt with diamond studs that bought on tick, you wont have to worry about a friend or colleague saying they don’t fit. They will never tell. Only in the lunch room once you have left.

So we plough forward in a matrix type world spiraling into the abyss of our own self doubts creation. Too scared to ask for the truth. Too scared to give it. But sooner or later we need to unplug from the dream reality that has us consuming at the highest rates in history. Trying to fill a void inside ourselves that really can only be fixed with the truth. That being Average AF is ok. Realizing that we all have flaws. Calling them out in ourselves and understanding that their is no miracle fix. Time to treat the cause and not the symptoms. Lets back outside with friends and family. Time to talk the truth again with each other. Understand that short term pain for long term gain doesn’t just mean sport. Its our spiritual, physical, intellectual, financial and emotional functions that need a reset.

Don’t live your life waiting to for someone to tell you the truth. Know it in yourself so maybe they never have to. Make a decision on a hair color and possibly feel happy enough in your soul to not need a coworker to tell you its great. Educate yourself at work and at home and use due diligence to make as close to right decision as possible. Mistakes are ok when they come from your best attempt. Not from lethargy. Most of all have the courage to find a way to tell the truth to any person that needs to hear it in a kind way. But don’t do it until you accept your own truth. That is the key to our happiness. That should be the goal of our future. That is the plug for the abyss.

Average AF and happy to be me