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"Our goal is to help people be better, not be best"


Talking to my beautiful wife recently we discussed why we all feel the need to criticize ourselves for decisions we made in the past like we made them deliberately to hurt ourselves and family or foolishly without thought.

So i challenged her to think of something she made a decision on yesterday and being so close to today how she felt about the process she used to make it. She replied “she made it with the best intention for her family, with the most relevant information available at that time”. I replied “Great, now fast forward a year and if the decision hasn’t worked out why would you think any less of yourself than if it failed or was wrong after a single day”?

I find the conservation interesting when you look at how many people get depressed about the past and the decisions they made that may have ended up badly for them. The thought process above tells me the better way to look at it, is making sure you make a decision with hand on heart your families best interest in mind and with as much relevant information you can gather on it before making it.

If you hold yourself more accountable in the day of your decisions you will surely not have to do it in the past where you know you cannot change it.